Gmail filter for Atlassian Bitbucket e-mails

For me, Bitbucket e-mails are quite useful for getting notifications of some events in the pull request where I am involved, but every day I receive too many noisy e-mails.

If you want to receive e-mails only when someone adds you to a pull request or when adds some comments and send the rest of them to the bin, use this filter:

from:( -{commented OR reviewer} in:anywhere

Action: Delete it

That means: delete all the emails from which doesn't include the words "commented" or "reviewer" in their bodies and apply the filter to any folder (span and bin).


1. Create a new filter:
(It is very important to add in:anywhere)

Click on "Continue"

2. Action: Delete it
Click on "Update filter"

No more e-mails in your inbox when somebody approves it or merges it.
I hope this helps!