How I passed AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification [SOA-C01]


If you intend to prepare this certification, either because you want an improvement in your professional career, because you want to apply for a position in which it is helpful to have it, or because you like challenges, this article may interest you. In my case, my company offered me the opportunity to become certified, so I accepted the challenge.

A few days ago I successfully passed the certification exam (968/1000), so the purpose of this article is to give you some tips based on my experience that can be helpful for you.

How is the exam?

Recommended courses:


Exams to practice

  • Jon Bonso - AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Practice Exams
    I did not do them, but they are recommended in the forums, they are similar to the official exam.
  • - AWS SysOps
    This is MANDATORY if you want to pass the exam. Many questions from the official exam appear here. Be careful, many answers that appear by default are wrong, so look at the discussion section on each answer to know which one is correct and analyze the links related to the AWS documentation where it is explained.
    This is my list of right answers based on my own research and discussion forums: SysOps Answers
  • - AWS SysOps
    It is a backup of ExamTopics, it does not have the answers with discussions and explanations, but it may be worth it if ExamTopics is down.

How to prepare it?

It depends a lot on your previous AWS experience and how much time do you want to spend on learning more. I can tell you from my point of view what is the minimum you should do:
  • If you have several years of experience and already know many of the services that the exam addresses, probably reading the notes and taking the ExamTopics tests is enough.
  • If you are inexperienced, take a course better, practice in the AWS Console and take ExamTopics exams.
  • If you have little experience in AWS, I recommend taking the official AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course first to get an overview of all the services, then taking a course focused on SysOps certification and finally taking ExamTopics exams.
To all these steps add more courses, videos, readings from the official documentation, etc. that complement what has been learned. Remember that the important thing is the path you follow until you pass it, that is what really enriches you.

In my particular case, I work daily with AWS and I already knew many of the services. I prepared the course for A Cloud Guru, I used my own notes, and I completed them with those in the list, and finally, I answered (understood well) the ExamTopics questions reading the official AWS documentation related to them.

Good luck! Leave any questions, interesting sources of knowledge related to certification, or comments about your own experience.
I say goodbye with a phrase:
"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." - Leonardo da Vinci


  1. can you share the ExamTopics topic 2 questions for AWS SysOps Administrator exam please

    1. You can find them here:

      Sometimes this page is not available ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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